Pool Cleaning Singapore works with commercial and residential pool and spa systems. We service the the whole singapore areas. All through our numerous long stretches of experience servicing commercial and and private pools and spas, we’ve discovered that numerous frameworks have quite certain requirements. Along these lines, we’ve created the best service and skills.

Our objective, consistently, is to do the best occupation, whatever that involves. We CARE! We invest wholeheartedly in all that we accomplish for you.

How do we define quality? Quality is not just doing the right things, it’s doing the right things well. The pool cleaning service industry has gauges, much the same as any expert industry. We endeavor to adhere to those benchmarks, however try to surpass them.

By providing high quality service, our customers will stay with us because they TRUST us and are satisfied. No problem is without a solution. We want to take the burden off your shoulders and allow you to feel secure in the outcomes. Reliably carrying out the responsibility well, keeping up great correspondence, and being accessible when issues with your pool system arise are things that builds a customer’s trust in us.


As Singapore’s preferred choice for Pool Cleaning services, we have built up a solid reputation amongst the singapore community for providing a high quality Pool Cleaning service at fair price. All our staff have been professionally trained to assist you with all your Pool Cleaning service requirements, so if you require information, just want some advice, or are interested in using our services we’d love to hear from you.

We offer good support for your pool: ordinary cleaning, equipment repair and maintenance–all the way up to full swimming pool remodels. We also expertise in every aspect of pool support including: standard cleaning, pool science, routine pool upkeep, fixes, rebuilding, reclamation, hardware substitution and equipment replacement. We promise nothing less than your 100% absolute satisfaction.

If you are looking for a reliable, experienced and customer focused Pool Cleaning company in Singapore to assist you, speak to one of our friendly staff members today



    • Our pool is always in great shape, and the weekly maintenance team is very thorough. Highly recommend!
      Mae Lim
    • Very friendly efficient and willing to listen to the customer. I find that they truly care about my pool.
      Nikki Tan
    • On time and friendly. They have my pool lookin great !
      Jesslyn Chin
    • Just wanted you to know that we have appreciated your efforts cleaning our pool. Thanks for everything.
      David Lai
    • The best thing about Pool Cleaning Singapore is being able to speak to you on your cell phone.....this is RARE!
      Ivy Yng
    • I just wanted to let you know that you guys have great employees. The guys that service my pool weekly are exceptionally polite, professional, and easy to communicate with. They are always willing to go the extra mile.
      Janice Lee
    • Pool Cleaning Singapore knows their stuff, and they are my first call whenever I have an issue with my pool.
      Jeslynn Lim


    Swimming pool weekly maintenance is very important. Without customary upkeep to guarantee that the water is adjusted and that the filtration and flow frameworks are working appropriately, your pool may not be sheltered from hurtful infection and microscopic organisms.

    To ensure we can offer the best weekly pool service to our clients, we’ve carefully hired proficient and experience maintenance crews.

    We offer a wide range of week after week pool upkeep bundles that will suite any client’s needs. The entirety of our bundles remember the accompanying for a week by week or two times every week premise:

    Water Analysis – Includes the Following Tests

    • Chlorine Test
    • pH Test
    • Alkalinity of the pool
    • Calcium Hardness
    • Cyanuric Acid
    • Phosphates
    • Clean Pump Strainer
    • Clean Swimming Pool Tile
    • Backwash as needed – for sand filters
    • Backwash and recharge as needed – for DE filters
    • Fill Chlorine Feeder/Floater
    • Inspect Pool Equipment


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